Working Toward Baby-Friendly: Improving Breastfeeding Support in US Hospitals

Follow the stories of four hospitals that have not yet achieved Baby-Friendly status as they begin their journey in NICHQ's Best Fed Beginnings quality improvement project. Watch as Barnes-Jewish Hospital (Missouri) works on patient-centered care, Presbyterian Hospital (New Mexico) increases skin-to-skin contact, Christiana Hospital (Delaware) focuses on staff buy-in and the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital catalyzes the community by changing misconceptions around breastfeeding. Since these hospitals were in the process of improvement when this video was filmed, some of the practices presented do not fully adhere to Baby-Friendly standards.

The four hospitals depicted in the “Becoming Baby-Friendly” video are making great strides to comply with the Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding External Link identified by the World Health Organization/UNICEF. 

For more information on Baby-Friendly designation, please visit Baby-Friendly USAExternal Link